5 “Super Power” Teas to Get you Through the Winter

5 “Super Power” Teas to Get you Through the Winter

5 “Super Power” Teas to Get you Through the Winter 

Hot teas can be a go-to remedy to soothe discomfort, insomnia and illness. With winter here and sickness spreading, let’s take a look at five teas to drink for a healthy boost.  

  • Peppermint Tea 

Studies show that peppermint is an effective herb to help soothe indigestion, nausea, stomach pain, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Peppermint’s calming effect has been proven to relax stomach muscles, allowing food to move more quickly through the stomach. Additionally, peppermint is full of antioxidants that promote overall health. 

To promote more relief, pair peppermint tea with KaraMD’s Lectin Guard to help ease bloating, constipation, gas and nausea.

  • Ginger Tea

With high levels of Vitamin C and minerals, ginger is a natural substance that can improve health.

Ginger contains multiple anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the pain associated with joint inflammation. Also, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins found in ginger are known to increase blood flow throughout the body, ultimately decreasing the risk of cardiovascular problems. 

An additional bonus is that the antioxidants found in ginger can strengthen your immunity against the common cold and other winter-time illnesses. 

For added benefit: Consider pairing your daily cup of ginger tea with our UltraBeets to help increase blood circulation, reduce joint inflammation, and increase your intake of antioxidants. 

  • Sage Tea

Scientific research is beginning to support many of sage’s health benefits, particularly for the brain. A number of studies show that sage tea can result in improvements in mood, mental function, and memory. Sage, known for its medicinal properties, does this by slowing down the breakdown of chemicals that negatively impact human memory. 

Additionally, test-tube and animal studies suggest that sage might even help fight against some forms of cancer, including those in the liver, skin, and kidney. However, further testing on humans is needed to determine the direct impact sage may have on cancerous cells. 

Dr. Kara recommends drinking sage tea with a glass of Revive Reds for an energy boost and an increased intake of essential polyphenols

  • Rosehip Tea 

Although rosehip tea isn’t as popular in the U.S. as peppermint, sage, and ginger, it’s worth adding to your cupboard. Rosehip tea is believed to boost immunity, aid digestion, support heart health, and reduce pain associated with arthritis. 

While the effects of rosehip are still under study, many believe the impact will turn out to be profound.

For added relief from joint pain and discomfort, consider adding Turmeric CCM capsules to your daily diet. 

  • Passionflower Tea

Passionflower is commonly known to reduce anxiety and improve sleep; this tea can be the perfect hot beverage to enjoy just before bed to promote calmness and the restorative powers of sleep.

For added benefit, passionflower tea can be paired with KaraMD’s Sleep Guard, a supplement that helps protect and improve sleep quality. Stay tuned for the addition of this new supplement to KaraMD’s products.

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