Stay Active This Holiday Season with These Fitness Apps

Stay Active This Holiday Season with These Fitness Apps

Let’s be honest, it’s easy to fall off the bandwagon during the holidays.

From Aunt Jan’s pies to sugar cookies your kid sister made, it’s hard not to let yourself overindulge and get carried away with Christmas treats.

Still, if you’ve been doing well in your wellness journey you may be determined to finish the year strong. And that means doing your best to stay active with a good fitness routine.

Today’s tech-savvy culture offers a world of smartphone fitness apps, making it easier than ever to stick with something that works.

Benefits of a Fitness App

One of the biggest benefits of health and fitness apps is their ability to motivate and inspire you. If you’re among the 80% of Americans who own a smartphone (1), you’ve likely Googled or YouTubed a workout video, blog, or forum.

And if you’re among the 21% of people who wear a smartwatch (6), syncing up with a fitness app can help take your fitness efforts to the next level. Not only can they monitor your heart rate and sleep patterns (7, 8), but they can also offer instant guidance on how you can make healthier lifestyle choices.

So if you’re wanting to keep those Christmas cookie calories in their place (aka off of you!) then check out these easy-to-use smartphone apps that can help keep your fitness goals on track.  

Break In Slowly with The Beginner App SworkIt

If you’re just starting your fitness journey, there are times it may all seem overwhelming. Sworkit (named after the words ‘simply work it) aims to improve health with fitness for everyone (2). This app takes you by the hand with customizable workout options, as well as settings that can turn warm-ups on or off.

The programs welcome people of every age and fitness level and even offer a few workouts for kids! If you need help deciding which programs are best for you, this app has certified trainers that are happy to help.

Weigh Your Weightlifting Options with Jefit

If your fitness goals are to build muscle, tone your body, or increase strength and endurance, you know weightlifting is a great way to do that. And while many people track their progress, measurements, and routines in notebooks, Jefit is designed to do all that and more (3).

This app logs your sets and reps to help you see your progress in real-time. It also allows you to create custom exercises and add them to your existing routines. Upgrading gives you access to exclusive workout plans, which is a plus if you need additional inspiration.

Customize Your Cardio with Strava

Whether it’s cycling or running, you enjoy getting your heart pumping. You also like exploring and tend to try new routes. Strava is a great app that lets you track and compare different workouts with your fellow runners or cyclists. It also emails you daily inspiration in the form of customized workout options.

Not only will it let you map out your routes and match them for future improvements, but this app also lets you enjoy a healthy dose of competition with other athletes on their community leaderboards.

On a Budget? Try Nike Training Club

As if their slogan “Just Do It” wasn’t enough motivation, the Nike Training Club app has a large library of different video workouts that match many different skill sets and abilities (4). From fun and lively to serious strength training, there’s truly something for everyone. They even have areas that target specific muscle groups if that’s your goal

In addition to that, this app offers nutrition tips and training programs that help teach you how to make fitness a part of your everyday life.

Track Your Weight Loss Efforts with Noom

Unlike other weight loss apps, Noom takes a cognitive behavioral therapy approach, or CBT, to give you a better understanding of how you approach food (5). After signing up and filling out an in-depth questionnaire, this app provides daily lessons tailored to your needs, live coaching, and a built-in pedometer to track your steps. These all work together to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

This app is also unique because it divides each food into three categories, based on nutrition: red, yellow, and green. This gives you a better idea of how your choices will affect your health, and hopefully encourages you to make better choices!

Back to You

Whether you’re a total beginner or a seasoned pro, staying active during the holidays is especially important.

Fitness doesn’t have to be boring, either. There are so many programs, training, and videos you can have a blast with. Certain apps offer more than others, so if you decide to try one, it’s important to take your time and research to see which one will work best for you.

Even with all the benefits of technology, don’t forget to take time to rest and recuperate this holiday season. Find helpful tips to do that here (9).











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