Product Highlight: Pure Health

Product Highlight: Pure Health

You’re on a mission to lose weight and feel better, so you’ve decided to adopt either the keto diet or an intermittent fasting lifestyle. After all, studies show that people who followed a two-part keto diet regimen lost 10% of their weight and actually kept it off(1)!

You’ve also heard supplements can help, but the idea of boosting your results with additional factors might seem overwhelming.

There are so many to choose from, all promising success. How do you know what to look for in a great keto or general health supplement?

Before we move on, consider the mind shift that might need to take place. While it’s true that we all start somewhere, try not to get caught up in perfection or meeting a certain deadline.

Goals are nice, but long-term, sustainable habits will not get you lasting results, you’re more likely to enjoy the process along the way.

With that said, we at KaraMD are excited to introduce a new health supplement that is aimed at enhancing your new keto or intermittent fasting lifestyle changes.

Say hello to Pure Health!

Not only are these delicious gummies something you can add to your daily regimen, their great taste and convenience factor makes them a no-brainer.

But ok, there are tons of gummies on the market. Why Pure Health? Let’s dissect why Pure Health is a must-have, based on their ingredients.

Apple Cider Vinegar Powder

Fermented foods pack a powerful nutritional punch. Apple cider vinegar is one such food. Dried or hydrated versions can both contain helpful probiotics that can heal your gut.

Part of what gives apple cider vinegar it’s tangy flavor is something called the “mother”. This collection of added bacteria acts as a catalyst that helps convert sugars from the apples into acetic acid (10). It’s perfectly safe to consume, and may offer additional gut health benefits!

Let’s look closer at the acetic acid that has kept scientists curious to learn more. Studies show that it has helped lower blood pressure and cholesterol, fight off bacterial infections, and stabilize blood sugars, aiding in decreasing insulin resistance (8).

And for weight loss? Apple cider vinegar powder can support metabolism and healthy digestion. It can also help you feel fuller, reducing the number of calories you take in during the day (10).


Another member of the vitamin B family, folate (also known as vitamin b9) is a powerful nutrient that works in a variety of ways.

Folate is important in cell development. Low levels have been linked to depression, increased risk for heart disease and some types of cancers (7).

When it comes to weight loss, studies show those with low levels of folate tend to be overweight or obese (2), so it’s important to take enough to help your body shed those pounds.


Medium-chain triacylglycerol oil, also known as MCT, are breaking into the weight loss scene like never before, and for good reason.

This oil is usually extracted from coconut oil, but in some instances palm kernel oil is used.

Because of the way these fatty acids are bound together, your body processes them differently than other oils. When you follow keto diet recommendations, you eat a minimal amount of carbs. As your body breaks down fat, ketones are produced as a source of energy to make up for the carbs you’re no longer eating.

The shorter chain formation of MCT makes it easier to break down and absorb as energy. It also helps you produce more ketones, which is a crucial part of the “ketosis” process associated with the keto diet.

According to research, MCT oil tells the body to “heat things up” by a process called thermogenesis. That, along with higher levels of oxidation, this powerhouse has been proven to help aid in weight loss protocols (3).

Vitamin B12

Your body depends on many nutrients to keep it running efficiently – vitamin b12 is one of those nutrients.

Also called cobalamin, this vitamin is responsible for a host of functions. Your nerves, brain, red blood cells, and very DNA are all influenced by vitamin b12. It’s also famous for increasing energy levels (6).

Studies have observed that those with low levels of vitamin b12 tend to be overweight or obese, compare with those within healthy weight ranges (4).

Raspberry Ketones

The trademark fragrance of a delicious red raspberry actually comes from ketone compounds the fruit produces. These chemicals are extracted and used in weight loss supplements because of the way they help your body burn more fat. This helps you lose those stubborn pounds and keep them off for good (5).


Pure Health is an exciting and tasty way to keep you on target with your health and weight loss goals.

With ingredients that have been clinically tested for safety and effectiveness, our Apple Cider Vinegar gummies are specially designed to help enhance Keto and Intermittent Fasting lifestyles.

Ready for your health to finally be good health? Snag a bottle of Pure Health today!

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