NAD Therapy: Learn the Benefits, Risks & More

NAD Therapy: Learn the Benefits, Risks & More

Slowing down the aging process is something most of us would like to achieve.

While aging is normal, premature aging is not. As more people are waking up to ways they can encourage their personal vitality, they’re able to enjoy a higher quality of life than they would otherwise. 

Research reveals numerous ways to support your body’s natural protection methods, and one of those may be through something called NAD therapy.

What is NAD therapy, and is it something you should consider? We’re taking a deep dive into this trending medical treatment to discover its uses, benefits, risks, and associated costs.

What is NAD Therapy?

Your body is constantly in motion. New cells are being built, repaired, and recycled in the never-ending cycle of your life. These cells are made up of amino acids, lipids, water, and organic and inorganic molecules (1).

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is a coenzyme of Vitamin B3 that plays a vital role in keeping your cells in peak condition (2). It assists in:

  • Energy production
  • DNA repair
  • Metabolic pathways
  • Immune function

As you age, these normal processes slow down. NAD therapy is a way to get more of this core nutrient into your body. There are currently three ways you can receive NAD therapy:

  • Orally
  • Intravenous (IV)
  • Nasal spray

IV is said to be more efficient than oral supplements. The solution is administered straight into your bloodstream, bypassing your digestive system and maximizing absorption.

Today, IV vitamin therapy is gaining popularity. Drip bars and wellness hubs are opening up across the country, causing both excitement and concern among the public.

It’s exciting because it gives people more access to better health. However, it’s a cause for concern because many of these are not operated by medical professionals, creating potential health risks among those certain health conditions. 

Uses and Benefits

Traditionally, NAD was used to help alcohol and substance abuse addicts control cravings and manage withdrawal symptoms (3).

Now, the healthy aging industry is seeing the potential to use NAD to help regenerate cells and prolong vitality in everyday life.

By supporting mitochondrial function, NAD therapy can be a way to:

  • Enhance mental focus
  • Enjoy more energy
  • Slow down signs of aging

According to research, NAD therapy seems to stimulate sirtuin production, a protein that strengthens your cells’ resilience to stress. This can be a powerful aid in protecting cognitive function (4).

A small pilot study was conducted to see how the body used NAD when given IV. Eight men were given 750 mg of NAD in a standard saline solution for over six hours. After six hours, their NAD levels were measured and came out to be 4x the original amount. It took about two hours to get to this point, but no side effects were noted (5).

Research is limited, and there isn’t a lot of information on the long-term effects of NAD therapy. Still, anecdotal testimonies are changing the way people view this innovative medical treatment. 

What Is the Downside of NAD?

In the world of supplements, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

When it comes to NAD, knowing where it’s sourced and compounded can ensure quality and safety regulations. Even though the FDA doesn’t regulate dietary supplements, doing your research and talking with your practitioner can protect you against unnecessary or even harmful ingredients that may be given to you either IV or orally.

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Another thing to remember is that if you choose IV therapy, the risk of bruising, bleeding, or infection at the insertion site may occur. Check with your wellness clinic or hub to make sure all sanitation and sterilization protocols are followed.

While shown to be safe for most people, the most common negative side effects of NAD IV therapy reported are (7):

  • Cramping
  • Nausea
  • Brain fog
  • Headaches
  • Diarrhea 

If you’re experiencing these during IV treatments, ask the practitioner to slow the drip down. This may help alleviate the severity of side effects. As long as the practitioner is skilled and experienced, the risks for more serious complications are rare.

Oral NAD therapy may pose fewer risks but may include the following:

  • Digestion upset
  • Abdominal pain

If you experience this while taking an oral NAD supplement, discontinue and speak with your doctor.


Is NAD treatment expensive? This type of therapy tends to add up, especially if you receive several treatments per week.

Most treatment sessions cost between a few hundred and several thousand dollars. Because NAD therapy is seen as a dietary supplement, insurance usually won’t cover it, meaning you’ll have to pay out of pocket.

Time can also be a significant cost. IV NAD therapies aren’t quick – typical sessions take a couple of hours. You may also need several treatments per week. Travel and wait times are also factors to consider.

Other Ways to Get NAD

If IVs aren’t for you, oral supplements or nasal sprays may be a better alternative. Make sure the products you choose are third-party verified for safety and quality, and always check with your doctor before making a purchase.

How do you get NAD naturally? You can also make a few lifestyle adjustments to support your body’s natural NAD production, such as (8):

  • Strength training
  • HIIT workouts
  • Increasing antioxidant intake

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In Summary

No one wants to spend their golden years low on energy, sore, and having a hard time concentrating.

NAD therapy offers the potential to lessen many of these issues, but research is still in its infancy. Meeting your body’s core energy needs is what matters, and today there are many ways to do it. When you fuel your body, it fuels your life.

If the idea of getting IVs makes you squirm, there are supplements available. Better yet, there are natural, herbal supplements made with high-quality ingredients that have safely and effectively improved the energy and vitality of thousands!

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