Men In Their 30s Learn Better Nutrition & Healthier Lifestyle Habits From KaraMD

Men In Their 30s Learn Better Nutrition & Healthier Lifestyle Habits From KaraMD

Are you a young man supposedly in the prime of your life, but you actually feel bloated, lethargic and out of sorts? If you aren’t feeling your best, Dr. M. Kara, M.D. thinks you’re probably not eating right and doing. According to Dr Kara good gut health and feeling good go hand in hand.

That’s why in his new online resource for good health, the functional medicine MD covers the essential building blocks of good health for men in their 30s, as well as those in their middle age and beyond. In particular, Dr. Kara focuses on nutrition advice that can help you to support your microbiome, reduce inflammation in your body and get a healthier gut.

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The launch of the new informative platform coincides with the latest figures from the CDC, which paint a dire picture of nutrition in the United States. According to their statisticians, only 12.2% of American adults eat enough fruits and less than 9.3% eat enough vegetables.

Moreover, as the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion’s latest data reflects, about 117 million adults currently suffer from one or more chronic diseases, like diabetes type 2, heart conditions and cancer, many of which owe to improper nutrition.

What Dr. Kara also knows is that by many of these standard indicators, your health outcomes as a man are noticeably worse than a woman’s. For example, while, on average, added sugars make up 13% of men’s total daily calories, for women it is less than 8%. Likewise, independent research by the University of New York revealed that 63% of men say they consume less than one serving of fruits or vegetables a day... meaning you’re probably one of them!

With all of this in mind, Dr. Kara thinks it is no surprise that so many men, including young men in their 30s like yourself, are suffering from the daily symptoms of poor nutrition. You’ll no doubt recognize some of these far-reaching symptoms, like an unhealthy and leaky gut, cognitive impairments like poor mood, concentration and focus, bad sleeping patterns, and inflammatory conditions.

As such, the KaraMD resource is designed to empower you to put your health in your own hands by offering you advice on an array of topics, such as key immune-boosting foods, hormone-balancing foods for men, pre-workout fuels, and spices that can help to fight inflammation.

KaraMD is the online home of Dr. M. Kara, M.D., a holistic health and natural medicine doctor, specialist and internist. With over 30 years of experience as a medical doctor in primary care settings, he is proud to now be sharing his insights on health and wellness with a far greater audience online.

A spokesperson for the doctor said, “Good nutrition is at the heart of wellbeing.​”

Thanks to KaraMD , you can learn better nutrition and build healthier lifestyle habits to enjoy a long and happy life.

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