Is Malnutrition the Source of Your Fatigue?

Is Malnutrition the Source of Your Fatigue?

What is Fatigue?

Fatigue is a loss of energy or the inability to respond properly to environmental stimuli. Fatigue is tiredness so great it affects your ability to function normally and can make even routine tasks overwhelming to complete. While causes vary greatly, this energy depletion may occur during or after strenuous or prolonged activity and may also lead to physical discomfort. Other names for fatigue include malaise, ennui, tiredness, and lethargy.

Causes of Fatigue:

The underlying causes of fatigue are numerous, however, the most common causes include:

Signs and Symptoms of Fatigue

Physical exhaustion and discomfort are the most common signs of fatigue.

Who is Most Impacted by Fatigue?

Fatigue can impact men and women of all age groups equally. People with poorly balanced diets, some medical conditions or mood disorders are more likely to experience fatigue than others.

Diet & Exercise

While the causes of fatigue vary, regular physical activity and a nutrient-rich diet can help to maintain good physical and mental health. Individuals suffering from fatigue could implement energy-boosting supplements to their daily diet, as well as increase their intake of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables.

If you’re experiencing constant fatigue, check out KaraMD’s ReviveReds powder supplement. Created from a combination of energy-boosting berries, including the shilajit berry found in the Himalayan Mountains, ReviveReds can help decrease fatigue caused by malnutrition.

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