Healthy Alternatives to Not-So-Healthy Foods

Healthy Alternatives to Not-So-Healthy Foods

Unhealthy foods are all around us. They’re in our kitchens, stocked on supermarket shelves and abundant in drive-thru restaurants. While the convenience of these foods is ideal, the long-term health effects can lead to serious consequences down the road, especially among foods high in sodium and low in potassium. 

While snacking on unhealthy foods may seem like a not-so-bad way to indulge in your favorite sodium-rich foods, habitually snacking on these items can still lead to health concerns. The next time you reach for your favorite sodium-filled food item, consider implementing these easy-to-make-and-replace foods instead!


Canned Soups: Instead of using canned soups in recipes, consider quickly whipping up your own healthier version of soup by following this recipe outlined by Kitchn.

Frozen or Carryout Pizzas: Everybody loves a good pizza. There are few things better than walking into your favorite pizza joint and indulging in a delicious mixture of bread and cheese. However, most pizzas contain unhealthy preservatives, fats and other harmful ingredients. Consider cutting back on your carryout pizza intake with alternatives such as homemade pizzas with a wholegrain crust or lean-ground poultry meatballs on a toasted tortilla with pizza sauce and low-fat cheese.

Salted Pretzels: For a delicious balance of salty and sweet, purchase honey wheat pretzels. Whole wheat (including honey wheat) pretzels typically have less sodium and higher levels of fiber compared to other kinds of pretzels.

Instant Puddings: While the ease of throwing an instant pudding together for a last minute dessert may come in handy from time-to-time, putting some thought into a healthy, wholesome pudding dessert will not only eliminate unhealthy preservatives from your diet, but is also sure to be loved by dessert aficionados far and wide! The best part? It can be completed in 10 minutes! Check out this deliciously smooth Chocolate Peanut Butter Avocado Pudding recipe for your instant pudding replacement. 

Candy: Everyone has a sweet tooth, and most people enjoy snacking on their favorite candy time and time again. Unfortunately, our favorite sweets aren’t so healthy for the body. However, these can easily be replaced with dried fruits, such as strawberries, mangos, bananas, goji berries or apples. Most supermarkets carry some form of dried fruits, but they can also be made at home by following these instructions.


With these food replacement recommendations, you’ll be accustomed to consuming healthy alternatives to some of your favorite not-so-healthy snacks in no time at all!

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