Functional Medicine MD Helps Women In Their 30s With Healthier Lifestyle Habits

Functional Medicine MD Helps Women In Their 30s With Healthier Lifestyle Habits

Dr. M. Kara is an advocate for better health and better preventative medicine. That’s why on his online platform, KaraMD, he’s now focusing on better nutrition for women of all ages.

If you tend to drift past the fruit and veggies section in the supermarket and head straight for the oven pizzas or packaged food aisles, Dr. Kara wants you to stop and turn back, because he knows that good food means good health .

As a practitioner of holistic and functional medicine, Dr. Kara firmly believes in the correlation between good nutrition and good health for women of all ages. As such, with his new report and awareness campaign, he hopes to improve the nutritional outcomes of women across the US just like yourself and teach you how to develop healthier lifestyle habits.

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The release of KaraMD’s new educational online resource coincides with a moment in which nutrition in the country is at an all-time low. According to Policy Advice, 678,000 deaths in the US are attributed to nutrition-related diseases every year.

Moreover, as current figures from the CDC showcase, many Americans are failing to make even the most basic healthy nutritional choices, with only 12.2% meeting the daily recommended intake of fruits and 9.3% meeting the recommended intake for vegetables. This means you’re probably failing too.

While poor nutrition leads to severe side effects for all adults, including the onset of lifestyle conditions like type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart conditions, Dr. Kara is specifically focused on addressing the impact of an unhealthy diet and lifestyle upon women like you, particularly, if you are a young woman in your 30s, who may be looking to have children.

Dr. Kara believes that there is much to be done in assisting you to choose foods that can support your microbiome and gut-brain axis and therefore lead to both a healthier gut and better mood, focus and concentration.

Dr. Kara also advocates for lifestyle habits that can reduce inflammation in your body and promote better sleep.

Some of the information that you can access on the platform as a part of their better nutrition awareness campaign includes natural remedies, like ginger and homemade chicken soup, to tackle cold and flu as the winter season approaches, how to integrate spirulina into your diet, the benefits of kombucha for your gut health, and more.

After working for over 30 years as a medical doctor in primary care settings at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Kara understood that much more needed to be done in the field of preventative care and nutritional awareness. As such, he is proud to be using the KaraMD platform as his online voice.

The natural medicine internist said of his new report and awareness campaign, “I pride myself on being well-versed in the use of herbal ingredients in natural remedies and the impact they have on our health. I saw a need in the growing field of natural remedies to provide quality solutions that are backed by science and lifestyle tips. That’s why I’m proud to now be sharing my insights on various health topics.”

Thanks to KaraMD, you can put your health in your hands.

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