Functional Medicine & Holistic Nutrition Tips for Gut Health

Functional Medicine & Holistic Nutrition Tips for Gut Health

Dr. M Kara has over 30 years of experience treating patients as a medical doctor, including at Ohio’s prestigious Cleveland Clinic. Now, he is proud to be sharing his knowledge and expertise in both conventional and functional medicine, as well as in natural remedies, with people across the US through his new wellness platform on Facebook.

More details about the natural remedies he has created can be found here.

Dr. Kara’s shift towards functional medicine coincides with an increasing interest in the practice in mainstream medical settings. According to a recent report published by the doctor’s former home, the Cleveland Clinic, the functional medicine model has led to marked improvements in the health-related quality of life of its patients, much more so than for those patients in conventional primary care settings.

Dr. Kara believes that the increasing popularity of functional medicine, as an individualized approach to medicine that is equally patient-centered and science-based, speaks to American’s increasing interest in taking control of their own health more proactively.

As such, the doctor’s new online hub has health tips that cover key wellness areas like holistic health, nutrition and gut health.

Recent posts on his new online space cover topics like the benefits of turmeric for fighting stress and inflammation, tips for developing better sleeping habits, types of natural teas that can combat indigestion and nausea, types of herbs that can ease arthritis symptoms and the pillars of a healthy lifestyle.

His advice posts teach readers about small changes that they can make to their lifestyle in order to enjoy substantial improvements in their physical and mental health. One such tip that Dr. Kara offers is to swap caffeine for panax ginseng, maca root or ashwagandha; all of which are plants that offer both an increase in energy alongside other health benefits.

His new page also links readers to his recent features on online health institutions like Well+Good, Healthcare Business Today and Natural Awakenings.

With his new online advice forum, Dr. M Kara is proud to be sharing his wisdom regarding common health issues with readers across America.

A spokesperson for the doctor and KaraMD said, “Our mission is to empower you to live healthier by giving you the tools you need to take your health into your own hands.”

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