Declare Better Health Today: The Power of Words & Your Health

Declare Better Health Today: The Power of Words & Your Health

Whether you realize it or not, you are capable of many incredible things.

With over 60 trillion neuron pathways (1), your brain stores information, processes emotions, thinks, creates, and moves your entire body.

But we all have different experiences in life. You may have undergone trauma that affects how you see yourself today. Maybe unkind words were spoken to you, or you faced rejection from peers or family members.

Ancient wisdom observes, “so a man thinks, so is he...” (2). But how does that tie into what you say?

The thoughts you think can shape the words you speak. And often, your words are simply a verbal manifestation of your mindset. 

If you want to enjoy a better state of health but are currently on several medications, have a hard time getting around, or wrestle with depression or anxiety — it can be hard to imagine it even being possible.

But there is good news. While there will be things in life you can’t control, your thought patterns can release words that influence your actions. By forming the habit of speaking positively, you can develop a new line of thinking (and speaking) that help inspire and motivate you toward a healthier state of being.

Declaring better health is not a magic wand that changes everything with a single wave. It partners with a concept called brain plasticity (3), which explains that by taking specific actions you can retrain your brain to think differently, and consequently act differently.

Remember, health is meant to be seen from a holistic standpoint. You are made up of body, mind/soul, and spirit. Eating healthy foods and staying fit have their merits, but if your mind is constantly keeping you in a low place, you may not ever reach your goals.

Positive Affirmations for Better Health

It might seem “out there”, but positive affirmations can help train you to make better health decisions. These statements can help you concentrate better on your goals, motivate you when needed, and reframe long-term patterns of thinking (8).

Here are some of our favorites for health and wellness:

1. “I am worth investing in myself.”

If you grew up around unhealthy eating or lifestyle habits, making positive changes might seem challenging, if not impossible. You may be wondering if it’s even worth the effort. Reminding yourself that your health is worth the investment can help you take those first few steps.

2. “I am grateful for my body.”

Your body does some incredible things. From forming thoughts to birthing babies, you are capable of many things. Showing gratitude can help you remember how hard your body works every day to keep you healthy and strong.

3. “I breathe deeply and fully.”

Sometimes simply remembering to breathe works wonders. Slow, controlled breaths can slow down your heart rate, lower blood pressure and reduce your risks for stress-related heart diseases (4). Bringing yourself back to the present can help reduce the overwhelm and direct your focus to the next step. 

4. “I am taking steps towards a healthier me.”

Learning takes time, and the more you learn the more you grow. Taking steps towards better health might seem daunting, but the journey becomes much more enjoyable when broken up into smaller steps (5).

5. “I am making progress every day.”

Making big health goals can seem exciting, but if you don’t see yourself reaching them quickly enough you may start to feel discouraged. Progress doesn’t have to be big, and celebrating the small wins can keep the flame of motivation going when progress seems slower than you want it to be (6).  

6. “I am motivated to see a healthier version of yourself.”

Let’s be honest, you might not always feel motivated to keep going. Life happens, and plenty of excuses will keep you from diligently walking out a positive lifestyle. Giving yourself a pep talk can help keep you from making those diet or fitness mistakes. Whether having one more cookie or thinking of skipping your cardio, telling yourself that you are motivated may help you pass on the distractions and stick with your plans.

7. “I’m not afraid to try new things.”

Some people like new things while others prefer monotony. If you’re the type that gets nervous to try new things, this can be especially helpful. Most of the time, new scenarios bring out thoughts of the worst-case scenario (7). But the truth is our worst fears very rarely happen. Reminding yourself that you’re braver than you realize can help you take the plunge on trying new healthy foods, workouts, or other forms of wellness.


Life is a journey, and better health is no exception. We come from all walks of life, and you may have experienced unkind words that left an impression on how you see yourself.

Learning (or unlearning, in some cases) how your words affect your life is something we all realize at some point. Choosing to replace harmful messages with positive ones doesn’t come naturally. As with anything, forming a new habit takes patience, commitment, and repetition.

Affirmations are verbal declarations you can add to your wellness routine to help shift your mindset. Over time, speaking positive affirmations can help inspire you to act, stick with your routine, and encourage others along the way.

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