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Finally, an effective doctor formulated solution that helped melt away my fat and got me back the body I deserved

Whether you’re 42 or 72...

You can help restore your vitality, improve appearance, and help fight the negative effects of aging…

Hi, my name is Josie. I may be approaching middle age, but I’m happier, leaner, and feeling better than ever, and I want to personally thank Dr. Kara!

I feel attractive and am proud of the body I’ve earned.

But it hasn’t always been that way…

As I grew older, my belly and love handles grew larger almost overnight. My health unraveled out of control.

When I looked in the mirror, I no longer saw myself. I felt so unattractive to my husband that it was affecting our marriage.

Everything that used to work stopped working, even the diets that worked when I was younger. Despite eating less and less, and exercising harder and harder, the fat refused to budge. I became more miserable by the day.

I honestly thought I was doomed to be stuck in this body for the rest of my life during what should be my golden years. Eventually, I lost the willpower to keep trying so hard and depriving myself of delicious foods, so I just quit.

In 2020, I came across Dr. Kara, a medical doctor from the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic and the creator of Metabolic Makeover. His advice changed my life. 

I finally discovered the culprit making my menopause (andropause for men) symptoms, fat and health struggle worse...

My blood tests suggested that if something didn’t change soon, metabolic syndrome and diabetes were on the horizon.

I was constantly fighting back sugar cravings. It was taking a lot of willpower for me to stay on track. 

Worse yet, my mood swings and hot flashes were unwelcome visitors. The hot flashes were keeping me up at night.

And I thought I was eating healthy with all the whole grains and low-fat foods that I learned about in the ‘80s. The diet worked for me then, so I had been doing the same thing, only for it to backfire.

Dr. Kara professes that the drop in estrogen during menopause can cause metabolic chaos, weight gain, and blood sugar fluctuations that lead to insulin resistance. 1,2

He further believes that menopause on its own shouldn’t cause diseases, nor should women going through menopause be absolutely miserable, but rather that entering menopause with pre-existing hormone imbalances and an unsupportive lifestyle will.

Unfortunately, nowadays it’s well known that most women already have hormone imbalances from decades of stress, toxic exposures, and the wrong diets and that all of these causes insulin resistance and more.

Insulin resistance was ruining my figure and making me feel miserable!

Beyond weight gain, I believe insulin resistance was the culprit that was making me totally miserable. My hot flashes were so bad that I could barely sleep. The studies I found helped me understand that it was making all my menopausal (known as andropause for men) symptoms worse!

The lack of healthy insulin production can be more serious for menopausal women and may lead to:

  • Menopausal hot flashes3
  • Sleep problems4
  • Mood changes5
  • Age-related brain fog and memory loss6
  • Fatigue7

Along with my fat and my insulin resistance issues came other symptoms and complications.

My doctor said it was part of aging and wanted to put me on medications.

Being wary of medications, I wanted to do whatever I could naturally first, but I had hit the wall. I was losing hope. 

The wrong diet and lifestyle advice was killing me!

Fortunately, Dr. Kara created a solution that he believed could help me lose my belly and love handles and feel amazing again.

How I finally lost my stubborn hormonal fat by supporting healthy insulin production and restoring my fat burning capacity

I began to realize that menopause & andropause may shift your metabolism, so obviously, the optimal nutrition for my body had changed. I just didn’t know any better previously.

Once I was able to get my insulin production and my metabolism back on track by following Dr. Kara’s program, everything became effortless.

My cravings went away. My mood became steadier. To my surprise, my hot flashes became less frequent.

I started having the energy to exercise again.

Most importantly, my belly and love handles started to melt away pound by pound.

Even my blood tests showed that my health was improving.

This Solution Was So Great That I Even Told My Husband Blake About It...

Blake's Story:

"In a little under 2 years, I was able to drop 120 pounds and get in the best shape of my life. Dr. Kara and his program really hit it on the head with what you need to do in order to change your life, I'm very grateful for his knowledge."

How Pure Burn XS helped us bust through the stubborn hormonal fat at the root causes:†

Promotes healthy insulin sensitivity and insulin levels

Studies have shown that chromium, inositol, Gymnema sylvestre, cinnamon, and Garcinia cambogia support healthy insulin sensitivity. 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Helps put sugar into muscle cells instead of fat cells during exercise

By helping to improve muscle insulin sensitivity with Pure Burn XS and exercise, I could enjoy more food while gaining more muscles and less fat.13 Having more muscles helps me age gracefully and burn more calories.

Supports healthy blood sugar and lipid levels in the normal range

In addition to ingredients that promote healthy insulin production, substances in juniper berry, cranberry, allspice, and cloves also support healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels.14,15,16

Helps improves mitochondria function

The mitochondria is the cell’s energy production powerhouse. CoQ10, carnitine, MCT oil, conjugated linoleic acid, and apple cider vinegar boost fat-burning pathways in the mitochondria. 17,18, 19, 20, 21 As a result, Pure Burn XS may help with fatigue and exercise performance.

Helps protect the liver by providing nutrients that support fat metabolism

The liver is a major fat-burning organ in the body. Many people have a hard time losing fat because of their lifetime of toxic exposures. Methionine, choline, and botanicals in Pure Burn XS help support liver function and help protect the liver from toxins.

Contains thyroid-supporting nutrients

Thyroid is the master metabolism gland in your body. It is normal for thyroid function to go down with age. L-tyrosine, phenylalanine, and iodide in spirulina provide the building blocks for thyroid hormones.

Ingredients that support healthy catecholamine levels

Catecholamines are energizing neurotransmitters that also turn on fat burning in fat cells. Amino acids like phenylalanine and tyrosine provide backbones for these neurotransmitters. As a result, Pure Burn XS also helps support mental and physical stamina.

Contains plant-based antioxidants

The herbs and spices in Pure Burn XS are excellent sources of antioxidants that help protect cells and blood vessels from oxidative stress.

Supports a healthy inflammatory response

Aging typically comes with inflammation that causes leptin and insulin resistance, making it harder to lose fat.23 Bromelain, turmeric, and other plant-based antioxidants in Pure Burn XS help balance the excess inflammatory response, which supports weight loss effort and overall well-being.

Why I decided to try Pure Burn XS

Being a wise consumer, I’d been skeptical about supplements in general, especially weight loss pills. Many of them:
-Caused jitters and made my sleep problems worse with stimulants
-Made me hot and worsened the hot flashes
-Had bad reputations and lawsuits behind them

Dr. Kara explains that Pure Burn XS has natural ingredients. It works by providing nutrients and herbs that promote healthy insulin production, along with supporting healthy thyroid function and metabolism. 

As a top functional medicine physician, Dr. Kara says he previously worked with his patients’ bodies to get them well rather than to coax their physiology to help get rid of symptoms like aggravating weight gain.

Therefore, when he formulated Pure Burn XS, he chose each ingredient and dosage with the goal of restoring health, not to force the physiology into shedding fat. 

An unhealthy body stores fat as a protective mechanism. Once it no longer needs to protect itself, it lets go of the fat more easily.

Unlike other weight loss supplements on the market that burn fat with stimulants, Pure Burn XS has no caffeine, so it doesn’t cause the jitters. It also doesn’t make me hot or worsen my hot flashes.

You Really Should Try Pure Burn XS Natural Weight Loss Support

  • Helps With Healthy Insulin Production
  • Supports Fat Metabolism In The Liver
  • Helps Suppress Appetite
  • Helps Reduce Sugar Cravings
  • Doctor Formulated
  • Non-GMO & Vegan Friendly
  • Caffeine & Stimulant Free

For a limited time ONLY Dr. Kara is also giving you an Exclusive Bonus with every purchase of Pure Burn XS

Dr. Kara's Metabolic Makeover Program COMES FREE WITH Your Purchase Of Pure Burn XS

MMP shopping list – A blood sugar-friendly shopping list that simplified my weekly shopping and food list. A $30 value

MMP Mindmap – A visual guide to various nutrition and lifestyle components for optimal health and figure. A $20 value

MMP Glycemic index – The glycemic index helps you understand the impact of various foods on your blood sugar, so I could make intelligent choices. A $20 value

MMP ORAC table – Antioxidant status is important for health, metabolism, and overall aging because it’s rather well known that too much oxidative stress may prevent effective metabolism. This table helped me ensure I eat enough antioxidants to support my health. A $50 value

MMP Cheatsheet – Helpful information on how to stock your kitchen, plan your nutrition, and successfully implement the Metabolic Makeover program. A $50 value

Altogether, the Metabolic Makeover Program is worth over $720. But the improved body and health I got were priceless.

YES! – Dr. Kara will send you a FREE VIP PASS to access the Metabolic Makeover Program when you purchase Pure Burn XS!!!

Dr. Kara is transparent

I also trusted Dr. Kara because he was transparent that in order for me to support my healthy insulin production and lose weight, I would have to change the way I ate and exercised. He’s not a pill pusher.

Obviously, its well known that metabolism shifts with menopause & andropause, so my nutrition needs changed. Continuing to eat like before was adding to my weight gain and making me feel awful.

Believing that food is medicine, Dr. Kara developed the Metabolic Makeover program to help people lose stubborn fat by promoting healthy insulin production and supporting the body’s natural fat burning processes.

He used to charge thousands of dollars to work with his functional medicine patients, but now this program is available for $199 on his website.

Better yet, he’s made his Metabolic Makeover program available as a FREE exclusive bonus for anyone who tries Pure Burn XS.

YES! – Dr. Kara will send you a FREE VIP PASS to access the Metabolic Makeover Program when you purchase Pure Burn XS!!!

The last weight loss program and supplement I ever needed

Dr. Kara recognizes this is not the first time most people try to manage their weight, which is why they are so fed up and skeptical. He wanted to help them achieve success, so he created the Metabolic Makeover program to help people lose fat and keep it off for life.

According to the CDC, on average, Americans spend $11,172 per person on healthcare each year.24 And I was headed to be that statistic. 

It is very expensive to be sick. As a former hospital doctor, Dr. Kara knows this fully well. It’s my opinion that conditions like aging and insulin resistance are causing people to go bankrupt because of their medical bills!

What’s even more expensive?

For me, it would be missing out on living a full life during my golden years because I was constantly sick, tired, and covering up my body.

From my perspective:

Lifetime healthcare cost of sickness from insulin resistance: $100,000s – $1,000,000s

Cost of working with a great functional medicine doctor like Dr. Kara: $2,000 – $5,000

Cost of Pure Burn XS and Metabolic Makeover $720  –  $29.95

Dr. Kara is passionate about changing this statistic for as many people as possible, which is why he is making Pure Burn XS so affordable.

Just for today, he decided to make it available for up to 20% off with this special offer!

Even better yet, because he knows everyone is skeptical, he made it so that if they’re not satisfied with Pure Burn XS and Metabolic Makeover for any reason, they can be returned within 90 days for a full refund.

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Tons of people have tried Pure Burn XS and Metabolic Makeover, and are getting results:

Real People, Real Stories...

This was the last weight loss solution I needed!

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