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Supplements For Chronic Inflammation & Weight Loss: A Closer Look

We’ve all heard of protein powders but usually when we think of taking these products we think of frequent gym-goers or competitive body builders. But there are many different protein powders available on the market for more health uses.  Many people like to evaluate protein supplements by grouping them into “bad” or “good”. Instead I … Read more

Can Drinking Water Help You Lose More Weight?

Many adults around the country are trying everything they can to lose weight, but there’s an often overlooked step many don’t take – drinking water. Adults who want to lose weight should increase their water intake to help quicken the process and see better results. Here’s a guide to the how and why of drinking … Read more

Fruit You Can Eat to Help You Lose Weight

Most dieters think of losing weight as cutting out specific types of food and eating less in general. While this approach may work for some, there’s a food group which is often ignored in the world of dieting – fruit. Many types of fruit are helpful for weight loss and are generally healthy, as they’re … Read more

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