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Slippery Elm: What Is It, and How Can It Help You?

Forests are filled with an amazing variety of plants. Leaves, moss, mushrooms…it would be hard to imagine the woods without them. Softwoods like pine, and hardwoods like oak and birch, all work together to provide a fruitful and well-maintained ecosystem. One such hardwood is the slippery elm tree – also known as the Indian elm, … Read more

5 Ingredients to Support a Healthy Gut

There are hundreds of dietary supplements on the market claiming to help the human gut and digestive system, making it difficult to determine which supplements are truly best for your health.  We keep it simple with Dr. Kara’s Vital Restore supplement with five ingredients that offer key benefits to the body:  Glutamine Berberine Turmeric Slippery … Read more

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