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Malnutrition Awareness Week

It might be easy to think of malnutrition as a third world problem. But thousands, if not millions, of Americans fall into this category as well. It’s estimated that around 690 million people (1) worldwide are malnourished.  Malnutrition affects every country in the world. Young and old, there is no playing favorites. The window from … Read more

3 Not-So-Obvious Nutrition Tips to Boost Your Health

It’s National Nutrition Month! Let’s celebrate with three not-so-obvious nutrition tips to improve your wellbeing.  Go Nuts. Nuts of all kinds provide protein, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, and dozens of other vitamins crucial for optimal health. These vitamins can reduce your risk of heart disease and other illnesses. Give your heart some love by … Read more

Is Malnutrition the Source of Your Fatigue?

What is Fatigue? Fatigue is a loss of energy or the inability to respond properly to environmental stimuli. Fatigue is tiredness so great it affects your ability to function normally and can make even routine tasks overwhelming to complete. While causes vary greatly, this energy depletion may occur during or after strenuous or prolonged activity … Read more

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