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Boswellia Serrata: Get to Know This Herbal Extract

There’s something about scarcity that seems to make an item that much more valuable. Thousands of years ago, this iconic “Gift of the Magi” used to be abundant in supply. Now, it’s a different story. Introducing the Boswellia tree. Settled on a thick trunk, the branches of this particular tree are also thick and spindly. … Read more

Total Immunity – A Healthy Immune System Is Key to a Healthy Life

The coronavirus pandemic is a crucial reminder that our immune systems are constantly under attack. Every day, our bodies are out there fighting pathogens, free radicals, bacteria and viruses that are trying to make us sick. The best way to protect ourselves is to strengthen our immune systems. Living a healthy lifestyle, eating a nutrient-rich … Read more

Fighting Viral Infections Naturally: What You Need to Know

What are viruses? Even though viruses remain a significant threat to human life, they are extraordinarily simple, made with little more than strands of nucleic acids and a protective coat of protein. However, once they access a host cell, the virus spills its nucleic acids into the cell, causing the cellular machinery to work and … Read more

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