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Everyday Habits That Lead to Aging

Aging should be an enjoyable process. You watch your kids leave the house, you play in the yard with your grandkids, you start to wind down your long working hours.  But for most of us, getting older comes with more problems like aches and pains, trouble losing weight, poor sleep, loss of memory and more. … Read more

Detoxing: Optimizing Your Inner Cleansing Power

Modern-day living comes with abundance, especially in the West. The abundance of food, an abundance of drinkable water… and an abundance of toxins. In the quest to preserve and make things more convenient, we’ve tipped the scales and introduced a copious amount of unhealthy substances that can wreak havoc on our internal systems. Detoxing is … Read more

Six Foods Which Can Cause Inflammation

Health and lifestyle routines have been improving for many people in the last few years. Despite the greater emphasis on exercise and an active lifestyle, many still suffer from chronic inflammation. Although inflammation can occur due to conditions beyond an individual’s control, there are also a number of foods which greatly increase the risk of … Read more

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