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Boost Your Nitric Oxide While You Eat? Check Out This List of Foods That Will Do the Trick

Nitric oxide is a molecule that your body produces naturally. It is a vital component to your health because it helps your blood vessels dilate. This helps promote proper blood flow, which in turn, may improve exercise performance, lower blood pressure and improve the function of the brain. If you are seeking these benefits, one … Read more

3 Recipes to Shake Up Your Smoothies

Our doctor-formulated supplements add a refreshing boost to any smoothie. If made with healthy ingredients, smoothies can be a fantastic nutritional beverage. Ingredients commonly found in smoothies can: Prevent dehydration Provide feelings of fullness and diminish food cravings Boost the immune system Reduce stress Provide fiber and calcium Improve digestion Increase energy levels Support heart … Read more

Tasty Ways to Add Beets to Your Daily Diet

Beets are widely-established as one of the greatest superfoods. Packed with plant compounds, minerals, and vitamins, the effects beets can have on the human body are profound. However, survey results published earlier this year indicated that beets are among Americans’ three least favorite vegetables. So why aren’t more Americans eating this veggie? Perhaps most find the taste … Read more

The Power in Beets

Perhaps one of the greatest superfoods known to mankind is the beet. Beets, which are plants whose deep purple root can be used as food and medicine, have been used for centuries around the world for their medicinal properties that promote healing and wellbeing in various ways.  Here, we’ll take a look at how beets … Read more

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