Looking for faster & better hydration?

It doesn’t matter if you’re 22, 52, or 72…

Cellular dehydration can make you foggy, sluggish, and age too fast.

We took a look at the science behind hydration.

Keep reading to find out what experts are saying about how to stay properly hydrated & feeling your best.

Finally—A doctor-formulated hydration drink that has rejuvenated my skin, metabolism, brain, & more!​

Hi, my name is Josie.

I may be approaching middle age, but I’m happier, leaner, and looking more radiant than ever thanks to Dr. Kara!

But it hasn’t always been this way…

For as long as I can remember, I thought it was normal to:

All my labs came up normal, so the doctors I saw a few years back chalked it up to aging and hormones. They told me to eat less, exercise more, and drink more water.

I was already eating well and exercising, and nothing changed. And while drinking water helped a little bit, these symptoms came right back.

I never liked drinking water, anyway, since I worked a busy job and didn’t always have time for the bathroom. I’m more of a juice person, as it just felt easier to drink and didn’t send me on as many bathroom trips.

All of these came to a head when I hit menopause. Everything became 5 times worse, on top of the hot flashes and spare tires that started to grow around my midsection.

The diet, exercise, and water drinking stopped working. It was so demotivating to keep trying so hard, so I just quit and sucked it up.

In 2020, I came across Dr. Kara, a medical doctor from the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic. His advice changed my life...

Humans aren’t made to drink straight-up purified water with nothing else in it. We’ve always got our water from natural sources like creeks, rivers, and plants like cactuses and coconuts.

For water to move into our cells, we need a few minerals called electrolytes like sodium, potassium and chloride.

Natural water sources come with minerals and a few other nutrients like vitamins.

It’s no wonder I’ve always felt more life force in juices. They’re so much easier to drink and they don’t send me to the bathroom as much as plain water does.

Turns out… if you’re low in essential electrolytes, you could be drinking water all day but not delivering the water to your cells.

Could cellular dehydration be keeping you feeling crummy & tired?

Studies say that 50% of Americans don’t even drink enough pure water! (1).

So, you could be constantly dehydrated for years and don’t even know it. 

Plus, 98% of Americans  don’t get enough potassium from their foods (2).

When I heard this, the lightbulb went off. It’s no wonder that my previous doctors thought all my pesky symptoms were normal.

Everyone around me is walking around with some degree of cellular dehydration and nutrient deficiencies.

Worse yet, the Standard American Diet makes you lose more water and electrolytes with high sodium, junk sugar and fat, and not enough fruits and vegetables.

Then more water, coffee, tea, and soda that they drink cause their bodies to lose more minerals through their urine. Many of them drink even more coffee to cover up how crummy they feel.

Not feeling thirsty doesn't mean your cells are well hydrated...

Most people don’t even know that they’re dehydrated because they are not thirsty.

The problem is…

Many of us were taught to ignore our thirst from a young age. We were praised for sitting still and doing well in school and work. We had to ask to go to the toilet, for example. So, we made it a habit to ignore our thirst sensation and not drink so much. Our bodies then adapted to not feel so much thirst.

So, relying on thirst to gauge your dehydration level will set you up for more dehydration.

Thirst is a natural signal your brain sends when it senses sufficiently low water or high salt in your body.

Now, like any sensation or nerve signal, you can become desensitized to it, especially if you ignore it. It’s like when you walk into a room with a strong perfume smell, and after a few minutes, it stops smelling so strongly.

Aging can make your brain work less well, so you’ll feel less thirsty as you age (3).

Lastly, your kidney functions go down with age, so they reabsorb less water (4). 

This becomes a triple whammy where you get more dehydrated and lose water more readily but don’t feel as thirsty. By the time you feel thirsty, you’ll be extremely dehydrated.

If you’re sitting and reading this right now, not feeling thirsty, you could be unknowingly suffering from chronic cellular dehydration.

You may never feel thirsty but instead suffer from any symptom of cellular dehydration, depending on the weak links in your body.

Once you do feel thirsty, your body would be very, very dehydrated.

The Deadly Effects of Chronic Cellular Dehydration on my Body, Figure, Brain & Everything

Water is life. Your body is 55 – 70% water.

Every biochemical reaction in your body happens in water and requires water to work well.

It’s no wonder all weight loss and health improvement programs recommend drinking plenty of water.

When your cells are poorly hydrated, your metabolism slows down, and your cells shrivel. Receptors outside of your cells like insulin and other hormone receptors won’t work as well.

Hormone receptors like insulin receptors are outside of your cells, embedded in your cell membranes. The receptors work best when your cells are full and your membranes are well stretched out.

When your cells are dehydrated and shrivel up, the cell membranes won’t be stretched out enough for your hormone receptors to work well.

In other words, cellular dehydration can interfere with the functions of insulin and other hormones. Therefore, chronic dehydration can contribute to insulin resistance and reduced fat burning, which can have the following ripple effects throughout your body (5).

Dehydration slowed down my metabolism, energy production & fat burning

Your cells and mitochondria need water to turn food into energy. Many studies have confirmed that dehydration can reduce metabolism both in lean and obese people.

Dehydration is associated with mitochondrial dysfunction, which tends to increase oxidative stress (5,6).

Worse yet, chronic dehydration can inhibit fat burning into energy, and instead stimulate the production of fat from carbohydrates and any other forms of excess calories (5).

In another study, a 2% loss of body weight in water reduced metabolism by about 3%. Also, their bodies shifted to increase carbohydrate burning by 12.5%, possibly by reducing fat burning (7).

Drinking water itself also burns calories as your body needs to warm up the water to your body temperature. In a study of 14 normal-weight participants, drinking 500 mL of water increased metabolic rate by about 30% and burned about 24 extra calories in total (8). Another study found that drinking 500 mL of water boosted energy expenditure by 24% over 60 minutes (9). In overweight healthy children, drinking 10 mL of cold water per kg of body weight increased resting energy expenditure by 25% for over 40 minutes (10).

In other words, hydrating your cells increases fat burning and metabolism. When your cells are well-filled with water, it improves insulin sensitivity and makes everything run better.

Whereas, dehydration can throw off your mitochondrial function and metabolism, and also increase damaging oxidative stress.

This was why my metabolism was so sluggish and my spare tire wasn’t coming off…

But that wasn’t the only problem, ALL my bodily processes also struggled with low energy and increased oxidative stress.

I was always hungry & craving the wrong foods

Sometimes, thirst can be confused with hunger, or your body makes you want to eat in order to replenish its cellular water. Clinical studies are clear that being well-hydrated reduces appetite and food intake (11). Whereas, dehydration can artificially make you hungrier and crave more junk, like sugary foods.

Being dehydrated didn’t only slow down my metabolism but also made me eat more of the wrong foods. It’s one of the reasons I really struggled to lose weight.

Dehydration made me grumpy, moody & brain fogged

Your brain needs water for lubrication, communication between brain cells, and energy production, among other things. It’s extremely sensitive to any degree of dehydration.

Mild dehydration may not cause you to feel thirsty, but some people get a headache. Dehydration causes your brain and other tissues to shrink, which can put pressure on the nerves and cause pain (12). If you already have the tendency for headaches, dehydration can make it worse.

Mild dehydration can impair all kinds of cognitive capacities, such as short-term memory, arithmetic, and psychomotor skills (13).

Many people get a grumpy mood and brain fog for no reason. Clinical studies confirm this!

In a clinical trial of 26 young men, dehydration affected their brain function, visual working memory, response latency, and increased fatigue and tension. They also felt more fatigue from exercise (14).

In a trial of 25 young women, dehydration significantly worsened their mood, made them more tired, and gave them a headache. They perceived their tasks as more difficult and struggled to focus (15).

In a military study, men performed 53 hours of military exercise with little sleep. Their vigilance, reaction times, attention, memory, and reasoning became significantly worse (16).

It’s no wonder I was always tired, grumpy, brain-foggy, and overall sluggish!

My gut was always bloated & not working smoothly

More than 2,000 years ago, Hippocrates said, “All diseases begin in the gut.” We have found that that’s mostly true today (17). Dr. Kara says that the gut is central to everything. You can’t have excellent health, mood, metabolism, brain function, energy, and skin if your gut and digestion are not working well.

Water helps lubricate the gut and move food along. Also, you need water to produce digestive juices which contain digestive enzymes, stomach acid, bile, and so on.

Your digestive enzymes also use water to help break down your food. Water is also a key component of the protective mucus in your gut that protects your gut from potential pathogens or gut irritants.

Therefore, dehydration can reduce the amount of digestive juice your gut can make. It will also make your digestive enzymes less efficient. These can lead to:

  • Poor digestion and other post-meal discomforts
  • Bloating
  • Constipation (18).

This explains why I struggled so much with bloating and indigestion, and frequent constipation

I was always inflamed from eating my favorite foods

Your gut barrier is the single cell barrier that separates your immune system from your gut contents like food, gut bacteria, and poop.

Many people start to develop inflammatory reactions to food and other gut contents because they have a leaky gut. These reactions can contribute to all kinds of health conditions and accelerated aging.

It turns out that your gut barrier cells are stronger and work best when they’re well-hydrated and covered with protective mucus.

In a clinical study of 12 healthy subjects, heat dehydration resulting in a 3% weight loss increased leak gut and some inflammatory markers (19).

This explains why I started picking up new food sensitivities and increasingly my favorite foods were giving me reactions!

My elimination & detox were sluggish

Water is the main solute in your body. It helps carry toxins on the way out through all 5 major routes of elimination, including urine, stool, breath, sweat, and tears.

Your liver helps biotransform these toxins into water-soluble forms so that they can be excreted with the urine. These processes all require water.

Inside your body, water helps carry the toxins from your liver through your blood, and they are then excreted through your urine.

Therefore, dehydration can reduce the amount of digestive juice your gut can make. It will also make your digestive enzymes less efficient. These can lead to:

Being dehydrated makes the kidneys work harder to filter out waste substances and concentrate them. The kidney’s ability to concentrate urine also decreases with age (13).

Many toxins get excreted into your bile, which comes out with the stool. So, constipation can allow more of these toxins to get reabsorbed into your body. One of the most common effective solutions for constipation is to drink more water (18). 

Whereas, laxative use makes you lose more water and electrolytes.

Being dehydrated reduces sweating, even when you’re overheated. This can make you more susceptible to heat strokes or other conditions from heat exposure (13).

Now I understand why I was always not feeling my best in my body and skin, and I was often constipated.

I noticed accelerated skin aging & unhealthy skin

Your skin barrier protects you from drying up through your skin. It’s also often the first organ that shows when you’re dehydrated.

One of the signs of skin aging is a reduced ability to retain water. Dehydration makes skin sagging, creping, and wrinkles worse (20).

Dry skin also becomes irritated more easily and more likely to break out. Having a more toxic body from reduced detox and elimination can also affect your skin. In fact, constipation correlates highly with acne (21).

In a study of 24 young women, drinking more water improved deep skin hydration and texture (22). Another systematic review suggested that consuming more fluid may improve the hydration of the skin barrier (23).

This is why my skin was always so dry, broke out easily, and the wrinkles were really bothering me.

My menopause symptoms got worse

Menopause can be a multiple whammy for many women, and dehydration will make it worse.

The hot flashes, brain fog, headache, mood issues, worse blood sugar control, bladder problems, and vaginal dryness are all linked to dehydration (24).

At the same time, your thirst reflex may not work as well and your kidneys don’t reabsorb water as well due to aging.

Then, your body struggles to regulate its temperature due to the hormonal fluctuations, so you can get hot flashes and night sweats. These cause you to lose more water and electrolytes (24).

No wonder my hot flashes and night sweats were so bad, even years into menopause. Other doctors told me that was normal.

Dr. Kara says that menopause shouldn’t suck if we provide the body with what it needs to transition well. Cellular hydration is a key ingredient.

Chronic dehydration explained a lot of my misery, accelerated aging, and made my menopausal symptoms much worse

I thought I was doing everything right, but my cells had been woefully dehydrated.

Dr. Kara explained that you need electrolytes like sodium and potassium to move water into your cells, and keep the cells fully hydrated and happy.

Just drinking just a lot of water or eating too much sodium causes the kidneys to eliminate more electrolytes like potassium.In fact, 98% of Americans are already deficient in potassium!

In other words, my problem wasn’t just the lack of water, but the lack of water AND the right electrolytes and vitamins so that my cells would absorb and retain water.

It’s no wonder I’ve always felt more life force and better hydration drinking natural hydration drinks like juice.

But drinking 8 glasses of freshly-squeezed juice is just:

Fortunately, Dr. Kara created a science-based cellular rehydration system called Pure I.V. that totally worked!

Dr. Kara said that Pure I.V. is a powerful cellular rehydration drink optimized for water absorption through your gut and into your cells. This solves the cellular dehydration problem most people struggle with.

Within minutes, I felt a major difference.

My mood lifted. My cravings were gone. A wave of energy washed over me. I was able to think clearly and focus like I hadn’t in years.

I found that the drink tasted great and was easier to drink than water, too. I was hooked, so I kept taking it daily.

Within a week I had more energy to exercise and do things. My gut became more regular. My skin looked clearer and more radiant.

My hot flashes became less intense and less frequent.

I still continued to eat well and exercise as I have been. And in the ensuing weeks, the pounds started coming off.

The system was so effective I told all my friends & husband about it!

All of them felt better and more energized. We had no idea that dehydration had been affecting our health and well-being so much.

It even helped my husband Blake stay away from his daily afternoon coffee and donuts. No more afternoon slump. As a result, he effortlessly lost 10 lbs in a month.

How Pure I.V. delivers the deep cellular rehydration benefits that pure water can't...

In short, there are 2 steps of cellular rehydration. First, you must absorb water through your gut. Second, you must move water from your bloodstream into your cells and locations in your body where you need the water. Fail either and your bodily functions could still suffer from dehydration.

[Gut diagram] In your gut, there are two pathways:

  • Active (uses energy) water absorption is when it uses energy to move nutrients like sugar and electrolytes into the gut cells. This causes water to follow the sugar and electrolytes 25.
  • Passive water absorption is where water moves from higher water concentration (less salt) to lower water concentration (higher salt).

[Cell or aquaporin image] To move water into your cells, you need a higher concentration of sugar and electrolytes such as potassium inside the cells. Potassium is the most abundant positive ion inside your cells. Whereas, many cells naturally take up glucose for use as energy. The water then follows through aquaporins, which are protein-lined channels that allow water to move freely.

Natural Osmosis Equilibrium (NOE) technology is based on decades of research & combines electrolytes and sugar at perfect science-based ratios for rapid water absorption through the gut, minimizing digestive distress.

  • Optimized for rapid water absorption and cellular rehydration, harnessing the power of both active and passive water transport
  • Providing cofactors and vitamins to support cellular energy production
  • Hypotonic solution (lower concentration than your cells), promoting water and mineral absorption
  • 100% natural, non-GMO, and free of artificial ingredients
  • Contains minimal amounts of sugar needed to maximize cellular rehydration
  • Great tasting and energizing drink

Here's how each component of the NOE-based Pure I.V. drink works to maximize your cellular rehydration


To move water into your cells, you need a higher concentration of sugar and electrolytes such as potassium inside the cells. Potassium is the most abundant positive ion inside your cells. Whereas, many cells naturally take up glucose for use as energy. The water then follows through aquaporins, which are protein-lined channels that allow water to move freely.

Sodium (Table Salt)

Although sodium often gets a bad rep, it’s the most important mineral and electrolyte in your body. Salt helps your gut absorb water, and it works closely with potassium to bring water into your cells.

Sodium Phosphate

Phosphate is a key component of your cell’s energy molecule, adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Providing a source of phosphate may improve endurance capacity and reduce exercise-induced fatigue, although the studies have been mixed (28).

Vitamin B3 (niacin)

The B vitamins in this formula support healthy energy production, minimizing your odds of storing the sugar calories as fat.

Niacin or vitamin B3 provides a backbone for NAD+, your cell’s fountain of youth. NAD+ is a crucial molecule for cellular energy production and anti-aging signals.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can protect cells from oxidative stress, including the increased oxidative stress from cellular dehydration. It also supports collagen production, healthy blood pressure, cellular integrity, and healthy immune functions.

Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid)

Vitamin B5 is a key component of many key molecules in your cellular energy production pathways, including ones that break down fat molecules for energy. It’s also a cofactor in the production of stress hormones from your adrenal glands, so it works as a key vitamin for healthy stress responses (29). Overall, it supports healthy brain functions, skin, and stamina.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is an important cofactor that supports healthy nervous system function, neurotransmitter levels, and stress responses. It helps with mood, metabolism, and energy production from carbohydrates and fats, too.


Dextrose or glucose is the simplest sugar that your cells prefer. Most of your cells can readily absorb and use glucose. In Pure I.V., dextrose speeds up water absorption through your gut, and subsequently into your cells.

Pure Cane Sugar

Pure cane sugar provides a source of sucrose, which is composed of one glucose molecule bound to one fructose molecule. Fructose is a better sugar to help you replenish your liver glycogen stores than glucose (30). Also, a study on male cyclists showed that the combination of dextrose with sucrose improves the rate at which you use sugar during physical exertion by almost 50% (31).

Active Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin)

Vitamin B12 is a highly energizing vitamin that also supports healthy nervous system function, red blood cells, and DNA formation. Healthy vitamin B12 levels also support mood and cognitive functions. The vitamin B12 in Pure I.V. is an active form called methylcobalamin, which your body can use more readily than the more common and cheaper form called cyanocobalamin.

Citric acid (In citric acid and sodium citrate)

Citric acid is a natural acid commonly found in citrus fruits. It’s a key metabolite of an energy production pathway in your mitochondria. Animal studies suggest that it may boost fatty acid metabolism and ketogenesis (32). The citric acid in Pure I.V. also provides alkalinizing properties, especially for your urine.

Why I decided to try Pure I.V.

At this age, I’ve been through it all with supplements and doctors. I’m just very skeptical of everyone and everything.

More importantly, how could something as simple as water solve so many of my problems? Especially when I’ve heard it so many times from other doctors and not seen the results.

Dr. Kara explained to me that Pure I.V. is made with natural ingredients. It works with your body to help absorb water and bring water into your cells. The science is clear that it can solve many of the dehydration problems I’ve been struggling with.

As a top functional medicine physician, Dr. Kara says he works with his patients’ bodies to get them well rather than to force their physiology not to show symptoms.

When he saw the science of dehydration and how it affects over 50% of Americans, he formulated Pure I.V. to make quality hydration available to everyone. He chose each ingredient and dosage based on the research and his experience treating patients holistically.

Unlike other hydration supplements on the market, Pure I.V. is low in sugar and does not contain caffeine. So it doesn’t cause jitters and or more water loss. Instead, it gently provides me energy by rehydrating my cells.

Thousands of people have tried Pure I.V. and are seeing a BIG difference!

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I really liked how they tasted and they mixed very well!

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The product overall is good and tastes good but even though the amount is small the sugar content is enough that it raises my insulin level such that I'm unable to lose weight while using the product. When I get to maintenance I will probably use the product more because the taste, price point and mineral content is good.

Doctor Formulated Pure I.V. Hydration Powered By NOE Technology




By addressing my cellular hydration, I’m all around feeling much better. Hot flashes subside. My mood lifted. My brain is clearer. I have fewer urges to snack.

I have to say, you’ve really got to try it. It even tastes great, too.

Just add each packet to 16 oz of water and drink 1-2 servings every day to see its magic.

Knowing how powerful the NOE technology is, Dr. Kara wants to make it available to as many people as possible, which is why he has made it so affordable.

For just under $1.09/day to make a big difference in your cellular hydration.

Since you’re my friend, Dr. Kara decided to give you a special discount at 25% off with this special offer. For today only using code HYDRATE25

Even better yet, because Dr. Kara knows everyone is skeptical, he’s made it so that if you’re not satisfied with Pure I.V. for any reason, you can have 90 days for a full refund with no questions asked.



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