Gut Health In Your 30s: Healthy Microbiome Supplements By A Preventive Specialist

Gut Health In Your 30s: Healthy Microbiome Supplements By A Preventive Specialist

It turns out that there is more to your “gut feeling” than you realize. That feeling of butterflies in your stomach, the almost orgasmic lightheadedness you feel when you see the love of your life – perhaps it’s not just your heart writing its words on your skin, but your body telling you you had too much fried chicken.

New studies are now suggesting the importance of gut health in overall wellness, and we would do well to listen.

Dr. Kara, an MD trained at the renowned Cleveland Clinic, launches his newest educational campaign on the nuances of the gut-brain connection. The preventive medicine internist explains the importance of gut health in sleep quality for those over 30.

The new campaign focuses on recent studies that show the close connection that intestinal health has with healthy brain function. According to researchers, gut bacteria influence normal sleep patterns by creating important chemical messengers in the brain, such as serotonin and dopamine.

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In his new educational campaign, Dr. M Kara focuses on people in their 30s who are having difficulty sleeping or experiencing sleep-related problems, such as mental fog, chronic fatigue, or insomnia. Instead of treating the symptoms with prescription medication, Dr. Kara believes in taking a preventive approach by looking into the relatively unexplored world of gut bacteria in improving sleep quality.

In a study published by the American Psychological Association, scientists revealed that gut bacteria manufacture about 95% of the body’s supply of serotonin. This hormone is said to be heavily involved in the modulation of sleep – too much of it reduces rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and too little of it can affect mood which consequently influences sleep quality.

Finding that balance is crucial to improving sleep hygiene. Aware of this, Dr. Kara has launched a new educational campaign to help you pay closer attention to what you eat and the supplements that you take. The preventive medicine internist says that good nutrition can prevent many illnesses, especially those that are caused by a sedentary lifestyle.

This is particularly important for those in their 30s and above. Data shows that roughly 164 million Americans struggle with sleep at least once a week. This, combined with current statistics that reveal that less than 10% of American adults eat enough vegetables every day, compelled Dr. Kara to promote a healthier way of living so that you can reduce your risks of various diseases.

He recommends taking broad-range supplements that restore a healthy microbiome, such as Vital Restore. Vital Restore naturally prevents “leaky gut” caused by a poor diet and bad stomach bacteria. Through consistent use, you will also find the quality of your sleep improving. Vital Restore gives your body all the tools it needs to thrive!

Dr. Kara explains, “Gut health is the cornerstone of total wellness. The gut microbiome is one of the largest and most important microbiomes in the body. It contains millions of neurons that interact with other parts of the body beyond just the digestive tract.”

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